Monday, April 23, 2012

A Deep Passion

Tonight is Monday April 23 2012. I don't have much to say about my day other than it went by really fast. I have been wanting to talk about a very deep passion of mine; something that God put on my heart about exactly 4 years ago.

After finding out through a talk show that there are people who donate to pay for women to have a particular surgery to "improve" a part of their body, I began to think "if people will actually help strangers pay for that surgery, then surely those who would agree that an education from a Christian school is valuable would help those students achieve that education by financial giving".

I am finding though that more people seem motivated to help pay for those surgeries (because they get to see the "before and after" pictures) than are motivated to help pay for students to achieve their goals. I believe the right people are out there who see the vision as I do and will help.

Here is my vision: To remove the burden of financial responsibility from eligible students who are seeking an education from a Christian school. My desire is that they will be able to focus more on God's call in their life, achieve that education, then turn around and serve our Lord with that very same education. I feel that some are called to the "field" while others are called to support them through the process.

So, I started a non-profit organization called Cross Tuition. The organization was incorporated on June 17, 2008 as an association of churches and also became a legal 501(c)(3) or in other words, a non-profit charity on the same date. I was so excited to watch God as He provided all the right people and resources at just the right time in order to accomplish the process of starting a legal non-profit. Remember, I don't have an education that would qualify me for this type of thing, I was just being obedient.

The mission of Cross Tuition is to provide grants to eligible students attending Christian schools. We rely completely on the financial support of others who want to help these students in the process of achieving their educational goals so they can turn around and serve the Lord. So far Cross Tuition has received over 40 registered students from different countries all over the world. We have been able to give out at least 7 different grants over the past 4 years!

While this excites me I am driven to go further. The grants have been small because of the amount of donations we have received and there have even been times when we could not give out a grant at all. I'm passionate about these students, their stories, and the call on their lives from God. What they are trying to achieve is breathtaking and admirable. I am so honored that God allows me to know these students through their applications and testimonies. So many times I think "if people could only know what I know about these students they wouldn't hesitate to support them".

These are our missionaries, pastors, servants to the "least of these", future world leaders and decision makers, organization starters, and so on. These students will be leading others to the Lord. To think that we might be reviewing the application of the next "Billy Graham" or any influential teacher or pastor just blows my mind. Then to think that we could have a part in helping them get there is even more mind blowing. The Board members of Cross Tuition and I feel called to serve these students but we need help.

After researching the cost of private school for my own daughter I realized just how expensive Christian schooling is and I can't imagine trying to afford a Christian college. Man, while being able to give out grants has been great, I see that the amount of $1,000 is just barely enough to put a dent in the cost; actually it just about scratches the cost and that's it. Now, I know $1,000 is still $1,000 but I can't help but to feel that we can do better.

So, here is my call to you. In June 2012 the Board of Directors will be reviewing grant applications. Our goal is to give out a grant or two in July 2012 that is much larger than $1,000. The number $15,000 wont leave my mind so I'm gonna go with it. We have never raised this much before but I do not doubt God's ability to call people to this vision. Will you consider being apart of Cross Tuition's Champions and help us reach this goal? The grants do not go in the hands of the students but are applied directly towards their tuition costs. All donations are 100% tax deductible and 85% of each donation goes towards the grants. The other 15% goes towards operational costs of the organization. No, there are no paid employees. All who participate in Cross Tuition are volunteers, even the Board of Directors, Officers, and myself. We benefit in no way except for the blessing of serving these students and remaining obedient to God in this calling.

Will you rise up and help these students? Will you choose to be a part of what God is doing through Cross Tuition? You can learn more about Cross Tuition, how to donate, see a list of the Board of Directors, a list of our Champions (donors), and a list of our registered students by going to

Please, if you have any questions ask, I am happy to answer. I will keep everyone updated on our goal over the next month and a half; I know we can do it! Let's watch God move!!!


  1. Nat, Great Post. Looking forward to what June brings. God Bless you for your desire to bless others. Love you, Mom

  2. Thanks mom! I'm looking forward to it as well.